A child’s mind is an infinite one and has an unbelievable capacity to learn and absorb knowledge in an unending manner. To feed this knowledge of the child, Geethanjali has an ever-growing enriched library with the latest editions of all the famous encyclopedias, science and various subject journals. This helps satisfy the child’s thirst for technical knowledge. A wide range of works of fiction by famous child authors helps in filling up the creative vacuum in the child. Our librarians take care that the children read age appropriate books. Geethanjali has a library equipped with upto 2000 books and still growing. Plans are on the anvil to start an e-library section which will be operational by the academic year 2007-08. A separate tiny tots section has books which help in satisfying the creative and reading skills of the child. In order to update the current knowledge, as we want our students the habit of reading newspaper, English daily’s are procured along with some of the famous magazines.
As stated we are a school that emphasise on students learning thru practicals and needless to say, our labs are built to address this need. Our labs are very well-equipped with regard to the syllabus and as well as for co-ordinating with the young scientist programme. Vidyalaya boasts of 3 labs - chemistry, physics & biology & computer. All labs are handled by experienced lab teachers. All labs are strictly compliant with all safety laws, to ensure that your child is safe and can perform in a hazardous free environment.

Vidyalaya boasts of an spacious computer lab well equipped with 25 computers as of today. An addition 20 hi-tech computers are in the line of being commissioned by the academic year 2010-11.